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From Survival To Thrival

It is high time we abandoned the idea that we can forecast and predict things. In this ever-changing VUCA world, business life needs a future-proof strategy. A strategy whereby instead of simply surviving, we can deliberately opt to thrive, rally, shine, blossom… An exponential growth curve to which every member of the organisation makes a contribution.
Develop all facets of your potential as a manager and a coach
Hone your personal and corporate potential to make a rough diamond into a polished gem... what do you need for that? According to our approach - based on in-depth knowledge and years of business experience - this requires dedicated attention paid to eight different facets: Mindset Shift Potential, Values & Beliefs Potential, Being & Presence Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Purpose Awareness, Systems Sensitivity, Physical Sensitivity and Relational Intelligence. Eight areas which bring the individual and organisational interest together in a value-based common interest that eliminates personal frustrations and irritations.

Doelgroep: coaches
Categorie: Coach opleiding

Opleiding Details

Organisatie: Training & Coaching Square
Locatie: The House To Be, 1731 zellik
Datum: 17-11-2018, om 14.30 h

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